“It all happened very quickly, I was sitting having dinner when my arm simply dropped to my side like it was completely paralyzed, it didn’t have feeling in it for a little while.  I went to hospital and they did CT scans and examined me, and I was referred onto a neurologist.  From there I was firmly in the medical system, and I went to have a MRI of the brain and quickly after that they confirmed that it was MS.   As these diagnosis go, you feel angry, sad and at a loss of where to turn.  The medical system wanted me to have a lumbar puncture to see if I had lesions on my spine as well, I felt uncomfortable and unsure about this procedure.

We decided to take a break in the sun overseas and then revisit the process when I came back.    This was a great decision as my clarity of thought had returned and I felt that I had other options to pursue.   Speaking to a friend, she mentioned Fiona Chin a naturopath specializing in MS, having being diagnosed herself, I felt that here was a person that will understand the feelings you go through and maybe have some insight in my way forward.

From there I lean’s that a lumbar puncture was not necessary, but that I could have an MRI of the spine, which is so much less invasive and dangerous, and this I did.  The medical field still has a lot to offer and Fiona encourages all her patients to seek all manner of opinion and treatment, so you feel comfortable discussing all options with her and she is supportive of everything that you decide.

Since, being treated by Fiona, I feel that I am healthier than ever, I have more energy (not having really thought about it, over many years my fatigue and energy levels were extremely low and I often felt unable to participate in things).

The diet that she has recommended has changed my way of life, but I also feel that MS diagnosis was the impetus for me to change so many things in my life, so that I now feel much more in touch with the everyday, the joys, the pain, fun with the kids and husband, and that it has enriched how I live rather than been in any way a negative.

I can only encourage all people diagnosed with MS to seek out Fiona for a consultation, she offers so much more in explanation and provides you with a more firm way forward than any have done in the purely medical field.  I feel secure now that I will be healthy and fit to raise my children, travel the world, work in my business and enjoy life even more fully, with MS as part of my life rather than a sufferer of it.”