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“It all happened very quickly, I was sitting having dinner when my arm simply dropped to my side like it was completely paralyzed, it didn’t have feeling in it for a little while.  I went to hospital and they did CT scans and examined me, and I was referred onto a neurologist.  From there I was firmly in the medical system, and I went to have a MRI of the brain and quickly after that they confirmed that it was MS.   As these diagnosis go, you feel angry, sad and at a loss of where to turn.  The medical system wanted me to have a lumbar puncture to see if I had lesions on my spine as well, I felt uncomfortable and unsure about this procedure.

We decided to take a break in the sun overseas and then revisit the process when I came back.    This was a great decision as my clarity of thought had returned and I felt that I had other options to pursue.   Speaking to a friend, she mentioned Fiona Chin a naturopath specializing in MS, having being diagnosed herself, I felt that here was a person that will understand the feelings you go through and maybe have some insight in my way forward.

From there I lean’s that a lumbar puncture was not necessary, but that I could have an MRI of the spine, which is so much less invasive and dangerous, and this I did.  The medical field still has a lot to offer and Fiona encourages all her patients to seek all manner of opinion and treatment, so you feel comfortable discussing all options with her and she is supportive of everything that you decide.

Since, being treated by Fiona, I feel that I am healthier than ever, I have more energy (not having really thought about it, over many years my fatigue and energy levels were extremely low and I often felt unable to participate in things).

The diet that she has recommended has changed my way of life, but I also feel that MS diagnosis was the impetus for me to change so many things in my life, so that I now feel much more in touch with the everyday, the joys, the pain, fun with the kids and husband, and that it has enriched how I live rather than been in any way a negative.

I can only encourage all people diagnosed with MS to seek out Fiona for a consultation, she offers so much more in explanation and provides you with a more firm way forward than any have done in the purely medical field.  I feel secure now that I will be healthy and fit to raise my children, travel the world, work in my business and enjoy life even more fully, with MS as part of my life rather than a sufferer of it.”

Mary Green

Eltham Vic

“I found the world’s best naturopath – Fiona Chin. Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am that I managed to find her. In fact I have quite often thought that without my diagnosis I never would have met this prodigious personality!! She rocks BIG time!! Not that I’m grateful for the diagnosis, but she is truly the good that came with the bad.

Her tenderness and caring ways have me thinking on a completely different level. She listened to my story and was able to give me more information about the disease than any of the three neurologist did.

But most importantly, what I found most helpful by my naturopath was her ability to help me grasp the concept of HOPE.  Without the concept of hope, the future was caliginous. A very big part oh my healing had begun even after my initial visit. The cloudy thoughts were clearing; I could see patches of blue sky on intermittent days.

She began her thorough process by listening and listing my symptoms. Initially, she wanted to reduce the inflammation. Very sensible.

She began treatment that targeting the inflammatory processes. My symptoms remained persistent, even months after treatment.

We spoke about the diet which I had already commenced prior seeing her.

We spoke about my potential drivers and other possibilities. We did some blood testing and worked from there.

I commenced tai chi, meditation and acupuncture to address my tendency to over fill my mind.

At around the six month mark, and after further tweaking -of my essential fatty acids-I began to feel the changes.

I am still at the very early days of diagnosis, overall, I think the incremental changes are there. This disease takes years to form, and I’m guessing it’ll take some time to fully respond to any type treatment.

I still find MS very heavy.  I try to not think about it too much. I do feel that, overall, looking back a year later now I have come a long.  Unfortunately, I do have background symptoms most of the time. Which confuses me, frightens me and then has me worry about the MS type.  All I can say is now I only like to manage my thoughts for that particular day. I used to think about the future all the time and cram it all in uncomfortably so-to please everyone around me. A luxury I used to take for granted.

Nothing’s for granted. Each day, life is appreciated and enjoyed- minute by minute- so much better than before.”

Amira Wilson

St Kilda Vic

“Fiona is an exceptional business woman and naturopath. She runs a prompt and reliable sanctuary, and is a picture of perfect health herself. She is detailed and thorough in her health assessments, and has personally put me on the path to recovery with some health challenges I have had. I would recommend Fiona to anyone who is committed to long term longevity and health.”
Merilyn Skelton

Melbourne CBD

“About 20 years ago I suffered a stroke and was left with weakness in my right side. I could not get my right leg into the car on its own, having to lift in manually each time.

After one visit to Fiona I could life my own leg!

I also suffer from scoliosis and as a result have chronic pain in my back and down the outside of my right leg, meaning I have to use a walking stick. After the third visit to Fiona I no longer need my walking stick to walk and the pain has nearly gone. Many Thanks Fiona”

Sandra. W

Blackburn, Vic

“Fiona has supported me to achieve amazing changes in my life at an emotional level, changes of lifestyle and improved physical health. She is empathetic, but truthful, practical, well informed and realistic. Seeking help from Fiona was my first real foray into holistic health management as I was frustrated with the approach of doctors and other medical practitioners. Fiona has been a partner all the way. Her team of amazing consultants with varied expertise assists in providing total wellness support.”
Carolyn L

Blackburn Melbourne

“Working with Fiona using Kinesiology helped me work through my emotional issues that were holding me back from living my life dreams. I also found that during my time with Fiona I became a more balanced and grounded individual. I found that I was able to deal with life with a newfound glow that I never had before. Also a thanks goes out to Fiona for the love and support that she gave to make the healing that much more powerful.”
Wendy Dary

Cold Lake, Canada

“Three years ago I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Clinical Depression. I saw a G.P. who was very supportive of alternative medicine – although she recommended anti-depressants at the time and these did reduce the anxiety symptoms. Unfortunately, I also developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and if that wasn’t enough was suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms – night sweats and dizziness.

I was not happy with the side effects of the anti-depressants and after several months of taking these, I sought the help of naturopath, Fiona Chin. I truly believe that Fiona’s herbal remedy ‘cured’ me from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and within a month I started feeling so much better, getting my energy back. Fiona also made up a herbal remedy for peri-menopausal symptoms and in consultation with my G.P. helped me get off the anti-depressants and in time onto a herbal version.

I now have a lot of faith and confidence in herbal remedies but I think what was also a huge part of my recovery was the doses of positive thinking that Fiona gave me during consultations. In this area she is truly a very skilled practitioner! Thank you.”

Cat Anderson Emerald

“Summer of 2005, I was a “wreck”, crying spells, depression and suddenly I started having panic attacks (which I have never experienced in my 40yrs of life) previously had bouts of depression. Being a dependant, active, mother and spouse, my life came to a halt. I couldn’t even leave my home, at times. My “Angel Fiona” arrived in Canada; her timing couldn’t have been better.

After the first session, the crying spells subsided, after the second session the panic attacks became infrequent. With Fiona’s caring, positive attitude and healing ability, she helped me release past issues, I was holding onto. I am now beyond all that and have a new outlook on life. I have such high regard for Fiona and recommend this warm caring soul to anyone that is looking for a new positive, healthy self.”


Cold Lake, Canada

“Fiona Chin came into my life as a healer shortly after I had gone through a terrible traumatic experience. To this day I attribute much of my healing, health and happiness to the therapy sessions I had with Fiona. She is a magnificent healer on all levels (spiritual, emotional, mentally and physical).

Fiona’s natural ability and vast training allowed her to help me in all areas of my life. She always sensed exactly what I needed to work on and which healing technique to use. I can’t say enough about her signature cell healing; for me it was the most powerful healing I’ve ever experienced. Today I feel fantastic and can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life.

Fiona is dearly missed in Canada. Melbourne is very fortunate to have such a magnificent and powerful healer in their city.”

Wendy L

Cold Lake Canada

“If you want outstanding results and be educated about your health then Fiona is your first stop. Thorough, knowledgeable and gifted Fiona will get your health back on track. Using the best of science and the best of natural medicine and communicating to you what is happening in easy to understand language Fiona makes it easy for you to be able to get more energy and bounce so you can have an optimum healthy life Contact her now!”
Dr Rose

There are really not enough fantastic adjectives to describe how wonderful Fiona is. Her thorough knowledge of all things holistic is amazing. Fiona is able to find the underlying causes of your illness and make you feel on top of the world in no time. Fiona is the ultimate Naturopath guru.
Nathalie Brown

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