Specialising in the support of Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney Disease & Oncology 

Treat The Cause

When you book an appointment to see one of the naturopaths at the Wellness Guru you can be assured that you will be treated as a whole person and not just a disease and that the true cause of your disease is identified so you can take control of your journey to abundant health and vitality.

Certified Whals Protocol Practitioner

Fiona & Emily have a special interest in supporting those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and both are certified Wahl’s protocol health practitioners.

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Learn How To Manage Chronic Health Conditions Through Diet And Lifestyle

Both Fiona & Emily have a special interest in supporting those diagnosed with chronic neurodegenerative diseases through modifying dietary and lifestyle behaviours.

Emily has a special interest in Oncology, Multiple Sclerosis and Kidney Disease. She is both a registered nurse and fully qualified naturopath. Having a firm foundation in both the traditional medical model and natural medicine gives Emily a unique understanding of health and disease and she knows just how important it is to uncover and address the root cause of your disease rather than just putting bandaids on symptoms.

Fiona is a qualified Whals practitioner, a Team Leader for Dr. Joe Dispenza and manages a neurodegenerative health condition herself. She knows first hand the importance and impact that dietary and lifestyle changes can have on the course of a chronic health condition and the challenges and limitations that one may face in implementing positive change.

How We Can Help

We are qualified and skilled in many modalities to help you navigate your journey to wellness.

Food Coaching

As qualified Wahl’s practitioners, we use food and dietary changes as a fundamental way of reducing inflammation, and fatigue and improving immune and gut function.

Lifestyle Interventions

Reducing stress is hugely important if we are to reduce the impacts of chronic disease. Meditation, exercise and sunshine are just a few of the ways in which we will work together to make sure your lifestyle is promoting good health, rather than contributing to disease.

Diagnostic Testing

You can’t treat the cause of the dis-ease if you don’t know the drivers! I work with a GP as well as using integrative testing to make sure that we know the cause and drivers of the disease before we start any nutritional or herbal remedies.

Nutritional Support

Based on diagnostic testing and a thorough case history, we will determine if any nutritional support is required to improve your health and vitality. Nutritional support is based on scientific studies and best practices in the industry. We only recommend and prescribe practitioner only products that have been tested and are of the highest quality.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a fantastic way to help support the systems of the body to heal. Whether it been to support the immune system, strengthen the nervous system or reduce inflammation. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years successfully to promote health and wellbeing. Like nutritional supplementation we only use practitioner only products that have been tested and certified.

Genetic Testing

Epigenetics and nutrigenomics have been at the cutting edge of health research over the last decade. By testing specific human genes we can remove the guess work and maximise health by making specific and individual recommendations to promote better health and avoid the things that we know will increase your individual risk of disease.


Kinesiology works under the premise that the body knows what areas are in and what areas are out of balance in the body. Using a muscle test to connect to your bodies own wisdom allows great clarity on physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual issues that may have been bothering you or causing dis-ease in the body or in your relationships.

About Emily

Registered Nurse & Naturopath
BHSc. Naturopathy (ANTA), BHSc. Nursing

I’ve always had a strong interest in health and understanding the human body. This, coupled with a desire to help people, resulted in me studying nursing. I completed my nursing degree in 2005 and when I went on to work in an acute care hospital, I noticed that despite access to good medical care, my patients continued to return to the hospital sicker and sicker. Clearly, we were missing something!

This prompted me to look elsewhere for a more holistic, natural approach to health care that addresses the underlying cause of disease and takes into account the whole person, leading me to study naturopathy.

Having a firm foundation in both the traditional medical model and natural medicine gives me a unique understanding of health and disease and I know just how important it is to uncover and address the root cause of your disease rather than just putting bandaids on symptoms.

Alongside my nursing and naturopathy qualifications, I’m also a Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and have a particular interest in the role the mind plays in health and disease. I have experienced first-hand how changing your thoughts and emotions can profoundly improve your physical and mental health and I love helping people discover this for themselves.

My special interest areas in clinic are:

– Multiple Sclerosis
– Stress and Anxiety
– Oncology
– Kidney Disease

About Fiona

Naturopath BHsc., Whals Protocol Practitioner, Kinesiologist

I am a fully qualified Naturopath with over 15 years experience, and I practice using a vast variety of skills including herbal medicine, nutrition, food therapy, live blood analysis, essences, kinesiology and mindfulness.

I have a special interest in supporting those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and as such I have gone onto become Whals protocol health practitioner.

I am really passionate about treating you as a person and not a disease, as such I spend 4 – 8 hours researching each individuals case to make sure I recommend and prescribe treatments that I believe will have the maximum impact on creating health and wellness in your individual circumstance.

I also have a special interest in the link between the mind and health. I am a Team Leader for Dr. Joe Dispenza, and I personally practice meditation for 2 hours a day. I am also a kinesiologist and utilises this technique into clinical practice to support those with chronic disease and the effects of stress on the body.

When I am not busy seeing patients I will usually be found at a Dr. Joe Dispenza event as a Team leader, reading a book, riding her horses or spending time in nature.

In The Media

I often write for magazines, speak on podcasts or appear on T.V. Have a look and listen to some of my media examples below and get to know me a little better.


Visit our YouTube Channel for heaps of great information

9am With David & Kim – Channel 10

Talking about the link of Dairy products to many common health complaints

9am With David & Kim – Channel 10

Demonstrating how Kinesiology
works on David


Apart from helping others with their health Fiona is also hugely passionate about spreading her message of wellbeing and wellness through keynote presentations.

Fiona is a hugely popular, respected and engaging speaker with an expertise in:

Creating wellbeing

Happiness, Health and Prosperity for you and your business

Self Worth & Creating Abundance

Inspirational Leadership

How to motivate your team and clients to WANT to follow you


Fiona has appeared numerous times on television and has presented to many groups and organizations.

Fiona was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 which is what lead her to sell her successful clinic and change the way she practices. Fiona’s story is both moving and inspirational that she interweaves into her presentations to help people realise their own potential for abundance, health and happiness both in the work place and at home.

So if you want a passionate, inspiring and motivational speaker look no further. For bookings and enquiries please contact Fiona directly at

Happy Clients

“Fiona has supported me to achieve amazing changes in my life at an emotional level, changes of lifestyle and improved physical health. She is empathetic, but truthful, practical, well informed and realistic. Seeking help from Fiona was my first real foray into holistic health management as I was frustrated with the approach of doctors and other medical practitioners. Fiona has been a partner all the way. Her team of amazing consultants with varied expertise assists in providing total wellness support.”
Carolyn L,

Blackburn Melbourne

“If you want outstanding results and be educated about your health then Fiona is your first stop. Thorough, knowledgeable and gifted Fiona will get your health back on track. Using the best of science and the best of natural medicine and communicating to you what is happening in easy to understand language Fiona makes it easy for you to be able to get more energy and bounce so you can have an optimum healthy life. Contact her now!”
Dr Rosemary McCallum

Staying Healthy Top Tips & Downloads

Grab one of my many resources below on how to eat healthy if you have Multiple Sclerosis or a neurodegenerative disease, Improving your sleep quality, Meditation 101 and more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What happens during a consult?
During your initial 60-minute consult we get to know one another and find out what your health goals are. I will take a thorough case history with you to understand your personal situation and the journey you have been on thus far. We will then discuss any integrative pathology testing that would be of benefit to help give us clues as to the cause and drivers of your dis-ease. We will then discuss ways to implement dietary and lifestyle changes to start supporting your journey towards wellness. Unless something is really obvious or you have acute symptoms, no herbal or nutritional supplementation is prescribed in the initial consult. This is to make sure we run relevant pathology testing first to determine the need for nutritional or herbal supplementation.
What is the cost of a consultation?

An initial consult is $350. This covers the 4 – 6 hours of research that is put into each and every case. We believe that by spending a lot more time at the beginning to understand your personal circumstances and properly test for underlying functional drivers of dis-ease we get much better long term outcomes, that in the long run cost you a lost less. We never want to guess with someone’s health, We would rather take my time to understand your situation and your body and prescribe dietary, lifestyle and therapeutic support based on sound evidence. We also work with a team of health care professionals and often we take time to discuss your case and work out a full supported health care plan.

I am in a wheel chair and find it hard to get to appointments

I am available to see patients via Zoom or Skype if travelling due to disability is hard. Our clinic in Templestowe is also wheelchair friendly. 

How often do you need to see me?

After your initial consultation we will generally see you 4 weeks later for a follow up. This is to allow time for any pathology results to come back in. It also gives you time to integrate dietary and lifestyle changes and to see what effect these have on your health. After your first follow up consult we work out a plan that suits you, we are available in between consults via email for support. We believe if you have any questions that you should be able to ask we encourage patients to reach out to us, we often tweak and adjust things based on your feedback between appointments so you have the maximum results in the time between consults.

Do I have to change my diet to get results?

The short answer… If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got. What we put into our mouths play a huge role in how we feel day to day, which is magnified if we have an autoimmune or neurodegenerative health condition. We will always work with you to make it realistic, but the short answer is yes. You may just have to make friends with green leafy vegetables.

How much does pathology testing cost?

That will depend on the type of pathology testing we decide to have done. As much as possible we will work with your doctor to run basic tests that are often covered by Medicare. We will discuss anything else that might be useful and decide whether extra testing is useful on a cost to benefit ration.

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